This season in Asht region, people are collecting apricot and they are earning 50 somoni per day. The main workers, who collect and dry the fruit, are women. 

How was said during the visit of regions’ chairman, Rajabboy Ahmadzoda, to this area, the main employees are women. They get 50 somoni per day when they collect and dry the apricot.

“Today, in Sugd region, in Asht, the collection of apricot is in progress. This kind of fruit is mainly exports to foreign countries such as, Russia, Kazakhstan and China”. This information was passed to region chairman from the people who are responsible for agricultural sector in this area.

The “Zardolu and company” is taking the responsibility on packaging the dry apricot. At about 50 working places are available and 50 people are working here at the moment. Moreover, more than 500 women are engaged on every day  cleaning. This year at the firs time they are planning to export it to China.

Nominally there is 81000 hectare of apricot yard in Sugd region. Asht region owns 17000 hectare of apricot plantation. According to preliminary calculation, in this year from Asht region they are planning to export 3000 tone of apricot.

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