Members of the International Committee of  Red Cross were not allowed enter to Vorukh. Thе Red Cross aim was to help sufferers of 13-14 March accident on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border.

According to “SN”, from noon of 16 March till now Kirghiz’s frontier troops did not let Red Cross cars enter to Vorukh. At the moment they are in Khojai A’lo village, and they are waiting for permission to pass the territory in order get to Vorukh.

The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRD) is the humanitarian organization which delivers its help all over the world. It also protects and supports people who get injury during armed conflict or internal disorders.

ICRD knows that its mission is, to give a hand and protect people when they are in danger or in domestic scene. The concept is that, even wars should have limit in some directions. The method, the object, and the behavior of combatants have strict limit. All this rules are set up by international humanitarian law; inherently lie in the Geneva Conventions. All countries signed the Geneva Convention what makes it much more universal rule among other international agreements.

International Committee of Red Cross is an independent and neutral body. In accordance with a mandate of International Committee of Red Cross, the organization helps people who are under arrest, who are ill or injured and those who surfer during the armed conflicts.

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