Neighbors from the Kyrgyz Republic have reactivate riots in the Somoni microdistrict.

They are throwing stones to our cars, and the Kyrgyz military  do not regulate people while all this lawlessness. Instead of finding a reason in the clashes, Kyrgyz media accused Tajikistan of blocking the road and setting it on fire. However, according to unofficial sources, the Tajik military were forced to open fire only an hour later, when the Kyrgyz side began firing. Of course, the next provocation was organized by the neighbors and they are claiming another piece of Tajik land.

This was declared by the President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Jabborov in November.Neighbors unreasonably want claim 275 square meters of land that they rented from Tajikistan for 49 years. All maps show the Isfara river basin and the surrounding land between the villages of Khoja Aloi in Tajikistan and  Kuktoshi in Kyrgyzstan, including the last map of the Soviet Union, which Kyrgyzstan relied on when negotiating the demarcation of the borders of the two countries all  of  this territory is the territory of Tajikistan.

But in November, Sadir Jabborov accused former Security Council chairman Adakhon Madumarov of signing a protocol on the lease, claiming that the land belonged to Kyrgyzstan. That is, another provocation. Although the Kyrgyz military was subjected to brutal repression in May 2021 as a result of clashes at the «Golovnaya», they were defeated. They may think that they have been better prepared, equipped, and even bought the “Bayraktorho” from Turkey, that they have become stronger, and that they believe that they can gain control of the region by force.

Tajiks are tolerant, but their patience is running out. Sodir Jabborov and Kamchibek Toshiev have no idea that Tajiks will not give up their land. Is it difficult to solve problems peacefully? After all, no one stop you use from the 275-meter road! Regulate your people. Kyrgyz brothers, do not let them provoke you.

Every war has bad consequences. When large forces are mobilized at the border, it is difficult to predict the outcome of the conflict. One thing is clear – the Tajik people have all the opportunities to protect the homeland.

Negmatullo Mirsaidov

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