It is reported by Sputnik Tajikistan that in the ranking of military power, Tajikistan not only strengthened its position, gave rise to 94 line among countries of the world, as well. Being viewed on the Global Firepower, Analysts have put together a rating of the military power of each countries .

Analysts point out that the location of countries depends on the their coefficient, which is composed of 55 values. For example, the top three strongest countries include the United States, Russia and China. However, The Post Soviet countries are among the hundred strongest in military power:

Uzbekistan – at 48,

Kazakhstan – at 54,

Turkmenistan – at 75,

Kyrgyzstan – at 91,

Tajikistan – at 94 .

The improvement in position was regarded as the number of aircraft, tanks and military personnel. However, the coefficient of military force in Tajikistan is seen in lower place due to lack of access to the sea .

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