In the historical museum of the Sughd region, a priceless exhibit is stored, an analogue of which is in the Hermitage of St. Petersburg.

The silver baby pacifier with bracelet dates back to the 19th century. It was made by jewelers by special order of wealthy people.

According to Mutriba Mamadzhanova, the head of the department of history of the regional museum, this ancient item was purchased from residents of the region.

“We have a silver nipple in our museum. A golden analogue of this item with inserted turquoise stones is on display at the Hermitage of St. Petersburg. Along with this antique, a flask was also bought from the inhabitants, which also has historical value. All flask ornaments are engraved manually and with great art,” noted M. Mamadzhanova.

Totally, according to the source, the Historical Museum of Sughd Oblast acquired 44 objects from residents of cities and regions that have cultural and historical value and belong to different eras.

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