There are 100 object are going to be exploited in Devashtij, Sugd region. Now the main object is the construction of the Sugd’s last leader monument.

In honor of 30-year of Tajik Republic independence, in the region are planning to build new buildings.

It was marked that hard work and a big effort of the region chairman Sulaymon Ziyozoda, the building of justice, tax office, finance department, central park, and the area for national flag are in the proses of construction. The length of national symbol is 50 meter. The flag will be set in an area of 4119 m2. As well about 4413m2 of land around the flag will be greened.

Moreover, the most important construction appears the Monument (the monument one of the last leader who leaded at the beginning of 708 years in Panjakent). The monument will be put up in the center part of the region.

Hafiza Begova

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