At the last years more citizens of northern Tajikistan are spending their money on making beautiful the country, regions, and streets.

This time the citizen of Kanibadam, Sugd region decided to spend his money, which was collected for Haj, on resurfacing his own streets.

With the decision of Qodirjon Mansurov and the support of Kanibadam’s town executive authority was started general overhaul of Ne’mat Qaraboeva and Nosiri Khusrav villages.

According to the town press service chairman, these villages were not repaired for a long time. The traffic flow and pedestrian areas were difficult during the rain and snow seasons. Now all the streets are asphalted.

“The director of the town and its citizens express their gratitude to Qodirjon Mansurov for paying up of contribution”,-pointed press service.

We will make a note that the asphalted territory of Ne’mat Qaraboev and Nosiri Khusraw streets were 2800 square meters.

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