The cattlemen searching for their loosen flock in Guzn village, were found safe and alive.

Few hours before the “SN” edit received the news about two cattlemen who searched their loosen flock in Guzn village and get lost by themselves, were found safe and alive.

How was announced by the chairman of peasant’s farm Muhammadshoh Munavvarov, during the avalanche, which happened in mountains, the flock separated in to two groups. In order to find them cattlemen went to the Yagnob’s ravine and sheltered in a nearest village. According to cattlemen by themselves, they could not announce about the situation to their heard as there was no mobile communication.

“Now the cattlemen are safe and are taking measures for gathering the other group of flock in Yagnob’s ravine”,-pointed the news source.

According to the committee date of the region, at the moment the damaging is figures up.

We would remind, that on 10th June 2019 year 200 heard of sheep were hit by avalanche.  About the cattlemen’s location was not any information till today.

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