During the prosecutor’s verification, 970 crimes related to cheating were revealed just in 2018. The amount of the damage totaled more than 100 million somoni.

Sugd region prosecutor Habibullo Vohidov complained about the work of inspectors because of the infliction during the evil up to the cheating.

How was said in the meeting of Sugd region’s public prosecutor’s office, in 2018 was discovered 970 crime related to cheating.  The amount of the damage totaled 100 million somoni. 93 million somoni was damaging local people.

“The authority is not fulfilling the requirement. They are not doing their work as from 100 million was found out just 16 million somoni”, -said Habibullo Vohidov.

In a first quarter of 2019 year the number of crimes, as cheat, increased up to 27 incidents in Panjakent town, up to 21 in J. Rasulovski, up to 8 incidents in Buston town, in Isfara up to 6, in Asht region up to 4, and in Guliston up to 3. Overall, there was fixed 256 facts on cheating in the region.

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