In Sugd region started another competition for journalists. About the condition and requirement of participating in this competition was announced by “Sozidatelnoe Pero” to the region’s press service chairman.

The next journalistic competition passes between the representatives of mass medium in Sugd region. The competition is passing on the basis of best material known as “Sozidatelnoe Pero-2019”.  With the solution of region’s chairman, this event will pass due to “Year of village development, tourism and national handcraft”.

According to the competition’s requirements, journalist can represent their materials on five nominations. They are: issues of village development, tourism and national craft development, industrial sector and agriculture development. As well they are able to present tourist areas and national traditions by the use of TV features and photos.

We will note that the regional competition “Sozidatelnoe Perro” holds on executive agency of Sugd region’s public authority initiative from 2013 year. The winner of the competition will receive 150 thousand somoni.

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