1,000 residents of Yovon village in the northern Tajikistan finally have access to safe drinking water.

The villagers have been suffering water scarcity for more than 30 years. Brooks, streams and irrigation canals were the only drinking water sources for the village in the past and especially women and girls used to spend hours to fetch water, affecting their physical health and the health of all family members as the surface waters do not meet drinking standards. Now, with community initiative, support and contribution, drinking water system is in place.

Chairman of Ayni district, Muqim Murodzoda who was attending the inauguration ceremony together with the representatives of donor organization – Caritas Germany and implementing Public Organization – “Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia – Tajikistan” (EFCA), considered building the drinking water system one of the great achievements on the eve of the 30th anniversary of Tajikistan’s independence and thanked all involved parties, underlining that joint efforts always lead to successes.

This gravity-based spring water supply system was built with the donor funds and direct contribution of the residents. The performed work mainly included trenching and installation of PVC pipes with a total length of 5 km and construction of a concrete water storage tank with a 105 cubic meter capacity. Community leaders, especially women who are mainly responsible for fetching drinking water from brooks and streams, were actively involved in all activities related to bringing water to the village.

Construction of the drinking water supply system was part of the ”Inclusive disaster preparedness by institutional strengthening and income generating measures in Ayni district” project, funded by Caritas Germany. To ensure sustainability, the project strengthened the institutional capacity of the mahalla committee as a self-governing body at community level.

Thus, Yovon village is the first ever village in the Ayni district with formally registered mahalla committee, having a stamp and a bank account. The water supply service fees collected from the households will be used to meet the needs of the mahalla committee with a special focus on disaster risk reduction.

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