Four Sogdian sewing enterprises began to sew protective masks – about 100 thousand of such products are produced per day on average.

Ilkhom Pulodzoda, the head of the Main Directorate for Health Care and Social Welfare Services of Sugd Region, announced for SN correspondent that the sewing enterprises Javoni, SATN, Nassochi Khujand and a medical manufacturing enterprise Farm Sugd were involved in the production of reusable medical masks products.

“Now personal protective equipment is produced almost every day. All masks of local production will be sold on the domestic market, with the exception of “Javoni”. This company sews masks both for export and for the local population. At the Nassochi Khujand enterprise, more than 10 thousand masks are produced per day. It should be noted that all medical institutions in the region have an adequate supply of protective equipment. With the involvement of local sewing enterprises in production of medical masks, Sogd region will be fully provided with protective equipment, ”he said.

According to the topic about antiviral drugs and antiseptics, Ilkhom Pulodzoda emphasized that all pharmacies are equipped with the necessary things.

“Antiseptics, including alcohol, are also produced by local companies. For example, MMK and Sakho companies have launched medical alcohol, and this product is sold in pharmacies in the region, ”said Ilkhom Pulodzoda, the Head of the Main Directorate for Health and Social Welfare Supervision of  Sugd Region.

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