“Construction of a cogeneration plant in the city. The artist is on the agenda of the city administration, and we are taking all necessary measures for its construction”, said Marufa Muhammadzoda, who is chairman of the city, at a press conference on the development of socio-economic indicators for 2019.

According to him, huge funds are required for the construction of a cogeneration plant in the city. In the future, the city leadership intends to attract foreign and domestic investments to the construction of the CHP.

“In this direction, we had several conversations with foreign partners, but so far there is no positive answer. The city administration also intends to attract local entrepreneurs to the construction of the CHPP”, said Maruf Muhammadzoda.

Recall that in the administrative center of Sugd region – Khujand town, live more than 182 thousand people. Almost 60 percent of the town’s population live in apartment buildings and in winter, people heat their homes with electrical appliances. Residents of the city complain that due to the use of electricity to heat apartments and houses in the winter, their costs double.

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