On November 2019, in collaboration with the Jamoat of Voru and the Jamoat of Rudaki in Panjakent district, the Italian NGO Cesvi started the construction of the waste deposit site in Rui Ob village located in Jamoat Voru.

This site is only the first step among many other steps for the establishment of sustainable waste management systems in the target villages benefitting of the EU-funded project “Enhancing Water and Natural Resources Management and Protection in upper catchments of Zarafshon Watershed that is implemented by a consortium of five international and national organizations, led by German organization Welthungerhilfe.

During the ceremony, Mr. Bobobekov A., representative of the local government authority of Panjakent city, pointed out the importance of improved waste management plans for the district villages. Mr. Jumaev N., head of Jamoat of Voru, and Mr. Farmonzoda E., head of Jamoat Rudaki explained the planned working mechanism of the waste management system and answered questions of the representatives of the target villages and women group member regarding the transport of the waste from the villages to the deposit site while Cesvi engineer Rahmatilloev F. described details related to the construction of the waste deposit site.

The ceremony was also attended by representatives of the Environment Protection department of Panjakent Hukumat and of the Sanitary Epidemiology Station (SES). The discussion was then followed by a joined inspection of the site undergoing construction by all participants.

After finalization of construction works in spring 2020, the site is planned to serve as final deposit site for more than 19,000 households in the 17 villages located in the upper catchments of the Jamoat Voru and Jamoat Rudaki. The transport of the household waste from the villages to the final deposit site will be organized by the private entrepreneur Juraev B. – thus being an example for a public private partnership in the sphere of communal services.

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