Now tourists and visitors of the Sarazm settlement will be able to get acquainted with the history of this ancient cultural monument by an audio guide.

The audio guide was created in two languages ​​- in English and Russian and is available on the website. According to the national agency “Khovar”, following the link, guests can get acquainted with 5 historical places of the ancient city of Sarazm. Museums, travel agencies, guides and guides can also use this application for free. It should be noted that the above site is visited monthly by more than 7 million people from 100 countries and 2,250 cities of the world.

Reference: The ancient monument of Sarazm was discovered in 1976 by the archaeologist Abdullojon Isoqov. The original area of ​​the monument was 130 hectares. Sarazm developed over one millennium, the peak of which falls in the era of Neolithic. In 2010, the ancient city of Sarazm was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In 2018 alone, 34,800 people visited this cultural monument, including 10,680 foreign tourists.

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