For Buston’s town chairman of Sugd region Rano Hoshimzoda was presented an award from the side of Information Agency “Sugdnews”.

The competition of Tajik Journalistical Investigation Center and Informational Agency “Sugdnews” uder the name of “The best region’s and town’s chairman” was sum up already on May of current year.

By the result of the voting through the agency website, on “National Chairmen’s” nomination the seat of honor was given to the chairman of Buston town, Rano Hoshimzoda.

The diploma and award were presented to her by the Sugd’s chairman of Tajik Journalists Union Department, Ilhom Jamoliyon and the director of Tajik Journalistic Investigation Center, Khurshedi Atovullo.

We will note that Rano Hoshimzoda is a single woman who leads one of the Sugd regions – Buston town.

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