The 13 penal colony prisoners’ of Khujand and Istaravshan town, Sugd region, were died from poisoning of unknown infection.  

Due to official information which was given by Tajikistan’s Department of the Interior press service, on 7th July according to the plan of the Main Administration Fulfillment leadership, the Department of Justice of Tajikistan, 128 prisoners (120 men and 8 women) of Khujand and Istaravshan penal colony had to be redirected to Norak, Dushanbe and Yavan colony with the three special cars.

At 12:45 this cars colony leaved Khujand town with the special security group and at 18:20 they arrived in Dushanbe. According to the fixed measures, the cars stopped six times in the road because of the passengers’ need. When they entered to the Mayhura town one of the prisoner divided three loaf of bread, which he had with him, with the other 16 prisoners. After eating the bread about 30 minute later, the prisoners felt bad. They started to retch and felt the dizziness. When they arrived to the penal colony, all the 16 prisoners felt into a swoon. The emergency team arrived there at 18:25. However, the medics could not save the life of all prisoners. They were able to save the life of just three prisoners and the rest were died. The other 115 prisoners were delivered to their places safe and without any damage or injury. Due to this fact was began criminal proceeding. The special group of people will work on it”-announces the Department of the Interior.

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