For the purpose of saving the Sugd’s classical language, at the near future in a mountain valley Yagnob is going to be opened Educational Center. There will be taught Sugd’s-Yagnob’s language.

About this was said during the official journey of Sugd’s chairmen to this mountain valley.  The responsible people have been charged by the head of the region to start the construction of health center with the maternity hospital and as well with the dental room. The highway will also be reconstructed.

It is necessary to mention that Yagnob is one of the oldest places in Tajikistan. It is situated in the east part of Ayni region in a mountain area. In a four mountain villages at the top of Yagnob valley live yagnob’s. This not small ethnic group speaks in yagnob language.  According to same scientists, this language is becoming a dead language. Most of the Yagnob’s people were transferred to Zafarobod, Sugd region in 70th. Nowadays, in Zafarobod live more than 6 thousand Yagnob’s people.

Before the transformation there in Yagnob lived 3200 people in about 32 villages.

According to the latest data,at the moment in Yagnob live nearly 500 people.

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