The group of Kanibadam’s state theatre actors came back from Batken region, republic of Kyrgyzstan after setting the film “What I forgot?”

For some theatrical troupe of actors the joint filming was kind of debut. Farhod Siddiqov, soloist of theater had a dream to be in films, and now hid dream realized.  In this new film he is playing the main role-the border service sergeant.  Also Farishtah Farkhoddukht , the  9th years old girl who is the  daughter of another actor Farhod Gafforpur, for the first time is being shown in the screen. According to actor Farrukh Vaitova, this is the first joint work of Kanibadam’s theatre with the national film studio “Kirgizfilm” by name T. Okeev.

The short live-action movie “What I forgot?” up to the scenario of Tajik producer and script writer Iskandar Usmonov, is showing comical story of an old man Qamchibek Karimov’s who intentionally became prisoner of frontiers. The film was devoted for the life of simple people living in borders regions’ of Central Asian’s countries.

The film director Tinchnik Abilkasimov took the photo in Batkent region, Kirgiz republic. Authors already chose the location there for realizing the project. The film will be duplicated on three languages: Kirgiz, Tajik, and Russian. The duration of the future film is 20 minutes.

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