For those people who suffered during the flood in Kanibadam, Sugd region, the construction of new houses is starting. They will receive their new houses on August month of the current year.

As was announced to “SN” reporter, for construction of new houses instead of demolished one, in Bobokalonova Street and G. Ortiqova jamaat, already were brought all necessary building stuffs and belongings.

The builders are planning to complete the construction of the houses for a shot period.

The houses which did not destroy fully but some part of them was destroyed are also in the proses repairing. All the work is fulfilling by the support of Sugd region’s government and the town administration. The flood consecuanses should be illuminated till August 2019.

We will remind that during the flood in Kanibadam suffered about 95 households and 5 of them were demolished totally.

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