More than 25 industrial company of Khujand’s town present their product in International Trade Fair “Sugd 2019”.

How the manager of energetic department and industry of Khujand town administration Mu’minjon Toshmatov, announced, in a 6th International Trade Fair “Sugd 2019”, which started its action on 20th June 2019, about 26 industrial companies presented their products.

“Near 50 different type of product with high quality were presented in the fair. The aim of each company was to raise export potential, international trade development, and as well to make collaboration with the neighbors and remote foreign countries”-emphasized M. Toshmatov.

Due to official data based, in Khujand town will act 165 industrial factories and companies. 22 of them will be sessional. Just 11 company exported all their product to near and far foreign countries in 2018. The amount of export was 188,4 million somoni.

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