In Maschah, Sugd region are planning to build house for 11 grade pupil of local school who is orphan.

Shukrulloh Boqiev, who lives in Maschah jamaat, Maschin’s region, is the 11th grade pupil of comprehensive secondary school #12. With the matter of his destiny he becomes orphan with his tree younger sisters.

How is written in local newspaper “Nigohi Khalq”, with the support of businessman Qobil Giyoev, was given 0,8 hectors of land for Shukrulloh Boqiev. During the mitting of Maschah’s region chairman with the orphans and the children from poor families, he requested the chairman to construct a house for them.

“Another week after my request, exactly on 9th June 2019 with the help of chairman and charity group the construction of house was started. Today with the “Hashar” method was put the foundation. I express my gratitude to all of them who gave us a hand”, – said Shukrulloh Boqiev.

According to the heard of Maschah jamaat Turob Dorobzoda, in “Hashar” participated tree jamaats living in the neighborhood.  “Next Sunday we will raise the wall of the house. We are planning to finish the construction till the Day of National Unity holiday,”-said Turob Dorobzoda.

Due to official date, in Maschah lives 27 double orphans. The region administration is taking care after all of these children.

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