Representatives of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan (MHSPPRT), Caritas Germany in Tajikistan, Local Government Authority (LGA) and other stakeholders participated in the inauguration ceremony of the Social Service Center’s new building in Shahrituz district, which was reconstructed and provided with all necessary equipment within the framework of the project on “Applying best practices and experiences in Community-Based Rehabilitation for people with disabilities in Shahrituz district” (the Project).

The Project is funded by the European Union and Caritas Germany and implemented with support of MHSPPRT and in partnership with the LGA in Shahrituz district and Public Organization “Shifo”.

While giving a welcoming speech, Rajabzoda Mehriniso, Deputy Chairman of Shahrituz district expressed thanks to the donors and highly praised the role of the Project in improving the quality of life for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the district.

Yusufzoda Fakhriddin, Head of Social Service Division of MHSPPRT focused on the Tajik Government’s policy in social sector, noting that opening of this new building is really a great contribution to the implementation of the MHSPPRT’s initiative to gradually transform Social Assistance at Home Units into Social Service Centers and the National program on rehabilitation of PWDs for 2017-2020 on the whole.

“Our organization that has more than ten years of experience in implementing the Community-Based Rehabilitation in Tajikistan continues its efforts to bring and apply global best practices aimed at creating better living conditions for the most vulnerable sections of society”, said Shuhrat Negmatov who was representing Caritas Germany in Tajikistan, hoping that this Social Service Center would serve as an umbrella under which all stakeholders work together and raise their voices for building an inclusive community.

The Social Service Center’s building consists of 6 rooms that serve as a Social Service at Home Unit, an Information and Analysis Unit, an office for the district’s Disabled Persons’ Organization, a room for rehabilitation of children with disabilities, a workshop for repair of technical assistive devices and a canteen. Moreover, an accessible toilet, a water hand pump and a water tower were constructed and installed to improve sanitary conditions in the Social Service Center.

The ceremony ended with the handover of the Project’s minibus to the Primary Health Care Institution of Shahrituz district. The minibus will be used by the multidisciplinary team of doctors that consists of a traumatologist, a neurologist, a pediatrician, an ophthalmologist and an otolaryngologist. This mobile team of doctors, which was created with support of the Project, travels to remote areas of the district at least twice a month and as necessary to provide free consultations to needy people, particularly PWDs.

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