The initiative group of the Innovation Laboratory of Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics has created a sanitizer that automatically treat a person’s hands with an antiseptic.

As the members of initiative group noted, the idea of ​​creating a sanitizer came in the early days of the spread of COVID-19.

“Failure to observe personal hygiene precautions leads to a large infection of people through contact with various household items,” they write on the university’s Facebook page.

In most places, responsible people are involved in hand disinfection, but do not forget that there is a possibility of infection of responsible people or people visiting this places.

“Studying the problem thoroughly, the initiative group came to the conclusion that one of the best solutions is to create an automatic mechanism for watering the antiseptic. Fortunately, this product received positive reviews from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan, the hospital for cardiovascular diseases and from the university,” announced the source.

According to members of the group, 370 somoni was spent on the creation of this product.

Box (PVC or metal sheet) -200 somoni 00 diram

Chip (semiconductor parts) – 70 somoni 00 diram

Power supply 12 V – 30 somoni 00 diram

Timer – 30 somoni 00 diram

Pump – 40 somoni 00 diram

The device includes a box that operates under a voltage of 220 V. A timer is installed to regulate the supply of antiseptic. When hands approach the device, an automatic mechanism for watering the antiseptic is triggered. The volume of the tank is 1 liter. It works autonomously and human participation is only necessary to fill the tank with an antiseptic.

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