In the rural jamoat of Oshob, Asht district, 17 reservoirs were created for fish farming on an area of ​​44 hectares.

Fish ponds were created on the basis of LLC “Rakhshona”, according to the website of the Environmental Protection Agency of the Sugd region.

According to the source, in order to get acquainted with the state and activities, the head of the Sughd region, Rajabboy Ahmadzoda, visited the multi-profile farm. In particular, he expressed satisfaction with the progress of work and the activities of the economy.

The attention of the working group was most attracted by the systematic work in this fish farm. As noted, during the short period, 17 fish ponds were created here on a ​​44 hectares area.

“Currently, more than 1 million fry of grass carp, kapoor, white carp and minke whale have been launched into the ponds of the farm. The farm is provided with the best feed”, said the source.

According to the head of this farm, in the future they intend to expand the farm and increase the area of ​​ponds to 70 hectares.

To get offspring, it was entrusted with considering the creation of an incubation workshop, a canning workshop, canned fish food, and a modern cellar.

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