Over the eight month of 2019 year in executive organ of Sugd region applied 92 citizens of Kanibadam town. 72 of them applied with the written form and 26 applied orally.

As the press service of region administration announces, the next accepting of Kanibadam’s citizens by region chairman was passed in executive organ. This time just 31 Kanibadam’s citizens applied to region chairman. Mainly, people wanted the chairman to solve the land problems and adjoining the house plot, ensuring the portable and irrigation water, asphalting the roads and giving material help.

At the end of the meting the region chairman pointed that the responsible people of local executive organ, jamaats, and as well the heads of organizations should make a decision. He wanted them to look at these problems seriously.

“We – civil servants have to serve people seriously but not they for us”- pointed Rajaboy Ahmadzoda.

We will mark that le last meeting by the side of region chairman was passed on 28 April 2019 year. At that time was discussed the 49 problems of the citizens.

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