“If talk about the problems, it comes out that one of the most urgent problem is the lack of electricity in SEZ “Sugd”,- announces the manager of SEZ “Sugd”, Firdavs Olimzoda, in the first half-years press conference.

According to him, before initiating the new project, at first it is necessary to solve the problem of electricity. If this problem does not find a solution, computing on large investor will be nothing.

If the problem will be solved there is an opportunity to restore the substation “Zapadnaya” in SEZ territory which was suspended after collapsing USSR. On this matter the administration in collaboration with authority are working so hard.

There are registered 26 entities in SEZ “Sugd” and according to recent statistics, 13 of them are busy with production, service and trade. The rest entities are busy with the building, equipment importation, producing new capacities and other improvements.

In the first half-year the administration registered two new factories. Tajik-Turkish company “Afrang Plastic” will produce plastic shapes for doors and windows. Canadian company will be busy with processing, packaging and exporting honey and it is planning to start its work at the end of this year.

Over the six month of current year the total industry output, services and export- import operations contain 70,4 million somoni.

The product of these entities just not full the home market but it as well is exported to neighbors countries, such as Afghanistan, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.  An accounted income for exported product was 19,2 million somoni.

In the first half-year of 2019 in a state budget was paid 946,3 thousand somoni social taxes. The income taxes were 487,8 thousand somoni, customs duties and taxes – 9,4 million somoni.

The total labor content in SEZ “Sugd” is 565 people.

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