The total output in Khujand town at the last six month of recent year is up 589 million. It increased 9,4 per cent more from last year.

About this was said in a meeting of the executive authorities of Khujand town in June 2019.

As reports the press service of the town chairman, for the town industry sector development were attracted investment on 1,8 million somoni.

“At this period the number of new launched products were increased. From the side of 11 industrial establishments of the town was exported the product which cost 93,3 million somoni”-marks the information’s source.

We will note that the output is considerable the deposit of such manufacturing firms such as: “Qogazi Tojik”, “Archa Mebel”, “Qiyom”, “Tajprof” , and “Ariana Metalplast”.

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