There are a lot of places in the world where nature shows person its beauty, but there is hardly another corner where in a small space are scattered among wonderful mountain landscapes, at the foot of the snowy mountains, surrounded by forests, under a cloudless blue sky multi-colored lakes paints from pale green to dark lilac.

The difficult intersection of the ridges and the melting of the former glaciers, which formed the ramparts of the moraines, created the conditions for the formation of many lakes in solitary ravines and mountain circuses.There are up to 30 lakes with cold clear water born on the snowfields of high mountains In the Funn Mountains . The lakes are located on pedestals of ancient and fresh moraines, formed as a result of melting and retreating glaciers. And among them are the Marguzor lakes or as they are sometimes called, the Seven Beauties of Shing. This is a string of seven turquoise lakes cascading down a wide valley of the r. Shing. They are sometimes called even one of the seven wonders of the world.

The lowest is located at an altitude of 1598 m above sea level, the second – at 1701m, and so on. And each lake is higher than the other, more beautiful and inaccessible. The last  is located at an altitude of more than 2400 m. Locals say that the one who gets to him will find happiness. Marguzor lakes, and especially Mizhgon lake, are beautiful with the unusual color of their water. Minerals dissolved in water give it a blue color even in the foam of the turbulent Shing River. When the recalcitrant Shing spreads and turns into the calm surface of the lake, the water acquires a rich saturated color from blue to purple. The legend of the appearance of these lakes will be revealed to you. Once there was a blacksmith in the valley and he had 7 beautiful daughters. Once the local ruler saw the youngest daughter and fell in love with her without memory. Her father agreed to give him a daughter for his wife, but she did not want to go beyond the old ruler. And the clever girl decided to put her condition: she will marry if the ruler builds a golden fairy-tale palace. The girl was sure that he could not do it, but inspired by love, the old man performed a miracle and built the palace in 40 days. Realizing that the condition is fulfilled, the beautiful woman rushed down from the roof of the palace right in her wedding dress on their wedding day. In the place where she broke, Lake Mizhgon appeared, and the rest of the lakes were formed from the tears of her sisters.

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