Public Organization “Sadoqat” officially handed over a set of household and office equipment to Devashtich District Central Hospital within the Project “Support to Healthcare Facilities in Rural Areas of Tajikistan”.

The project is implemented with crowdfunded donations mobilized through

“The health of communities, particularly in rural areas is of utmost importance for each of us. We are pleased to be able to support Devashtich District Central Hospital through this small initiative in support of the Tajik Government’s efforts to improve healthcare service quality across the country”, said Nigora Negmatullaeva, Executive Director of PO “Sadoqat”. “Our appreciation goes to Devashtich District Executive Authorities for their support and cooperation on implementation of the project and the Administration of GlobalGiving for the amazing platform providing opportunity for initiators from across the globe to materialize their inspirations”.

The set of equipment provided to the hospital included three air conditioners and one refrigerator procured based on the needs assessment of the hospital in coordination with the facility’s healthcare providers. The project cost was about $1600.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank PO “Sadoqat” and their partners for this opportunity to improve our conditions, which is very important to provide better services to the patients. We installed two of the three air conditioners in resuscitation unit and one in surgery room in the maternal unit, where the patients with acute diseases are more in need of better conditions”, added the Head Physician of Devashtich District Central Hospital, Ms Saidova.

This is the first ever project the PO “Sadoqat” has implemented with the use of private donations mobilized through crowd funding. In this regard, the organization believes that this is the start of its long journey for implementation of similar initiatives in other rural parts of Tajikistan to contribute to the improvement of conditions in healthcare and education facilities.

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