During the trip, the girl had an attack. The taxi driver was not at a loss, rendered her first medical aid and contacted relatives.

According to the press service of the Maxim service, Abdulvohid has been working in a taxi for more than six months, but such an incident occurred to him for the first time. When the girl got into the car, he immediately drew attention to her red face and asked how she was feeling. The passenger replied that everything was fine, but halfway there was a cramp and excessive salivation. The driver realized that it was an epileptic seizure and stopped.

Seeing that the girl was swallowing her tongue, the taxi driver released him from the larynx so that the passenger could breathe freely. He asked passersby to call a doctor, but no one reacted. A few minutes later the attack ended. The nearest hospital was far away, so the driver decided to take the girl to relatives. She was in an inadequate state, could not clearly answer questions. Abdulohid looked at the latest calls on her phone and contacted her parents.

It turned out that the girl forgot to take the medicine on time, and her parents are not in the city. A taxi driver drove a passenger in a close relative. On the way, she came to her senses and thanked the driver.

– At my main job, I regularly pass tests for first aid, and I studied it at the institute even earlier. When the passenger became ill, I knew what to do. In such a situation, it is important not to panic, to alleviate the patient’s condition and calm him down,” said Abduvohid.

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