On 13 January 2020, a presentation of the water supply project for Shuhrab village in Isfara was held, which will be implemented with the support of the government.

The presentation was attended by the Prime Minister of Tajikistan, Kohir Rasulzoda, the chairman of the Sugd region, and the heads of various structures of the administration for the city of Isfara.

According to the press service of the chairman of the region, according to the project, water will be supplied to Shuhrab village through high pressure pipes from isfara river. The length of the water transmission pipes will be 11 km. in the village by itself, 2 reservoirs with a capacity of 5 thousand cubic meters will be built. For this, 6 km of water pipes were laid. In order to effectively operate the facility, it is planned to purchase and install new units.

Recall that in Shurab village in Isfara, currently live 3000 people.the main problem of the village is the lack of drinking water. Residents use only imported water, the delivery of which is paid by themselves. On behalf of the chairman of the region, prior to the implementation of water supply project, water will be delivered to Shurab for free.

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