Tajikistan has strengthened its position in the World Passport Index by the end of 2019, Reports Sputnik Tajikistan, citing a report by the international consulting company Henley ‘Partners.

According to the rating, Tajik passport became more attractive in 2019.

Citizens of the republic are available visa-free entry to 58 countries. This allowed Tajikistan to take the 84th place in the rating of Henley ‘Partners.

Note that the company presented a similar rating for July. By the end of 6 months Tajikistan was in 87th place with the opportunity to go without a visa to the 57th state.

Among the Central Asian countries, Kazakhstan has the highest position (67th), whose residents can visit 76 countries without a permit. Next is Kyrgyzstan, which has a visa-free regime with 63 states (80th place).

Uzbekistan has improved its position in the rating of attractiveness of passports-2019: the republic placed in 85th place, having visa-free with 57-states (against 88th in the middle of the year).

Turkmenistan ranked 90th in the 2019 rankings. The country has visa-free travel only to 52 countries.

A total of 107 states are represented in the Henley ‘Partners ranking. The list of passports shows how freely citizens of different countries can move around the world.

The last place was given to Afghanistan; Russia took 51st place.

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