The Government of Tajik Republic has introduced a number of amendments to the legislation.

At a meeting of the government of Tajikistan, amendments to the current legislation were adopted, Sputnik Tajikistan reported in press service of Finance Ministry of the republic.

Individual entrepreneurs are allowed to mine: metals – gold, silver, platinum, tin, tungsten and titanium;

rare earth minerals – loparite, xenotime monazite, basnesite;

precious and semiprecious stones – rubies, sapphires, chrysolite, topaz, beryl, spinel, clinogumite, garnets, jade, agate, quartz, fluorite and other stones.

It is worth noting that private traders can sell the extracted values ​​to the State Treasury at the Ministry of Finance or to industrial enterprises that have a license for their processing. In case of refusal to accept materials, the authority or company must provide a written refusal.

Citizens of Tajikistan may use equipment with a capacity of not more than 50 horsepower in the extraction of values, as well as flushing devices with a capacity of not more than 5 cubic meters per hour. It is forbidden to use chemicals in work.

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