During the construction work in his house, a resident of the Chilgazi jamoat of Isfara town Sughd region discovered an ancient figurine.

This happened last year. In his house, a resident of the Chilgazi jamoat Jumabay Ruziev discovered a statuette. My student Khaidarboy Goziev found it out and brought it me. The growth of the statuette was approximately 30-35 centimetres. It depicted a silhouette that rested on a pole and held a fruit basket on its knees. Unfortunately, the statuette was badly damaged,” says Karimdzhon Khamroev, the director of the comprehensive school № 36 museum of Isfara town.

He told about the statuette to the general head of Isfara museum Abdumanon Raupov, the head of the department of archeology and ethnography of KSU named after academician B. Gafurov, professor Nabijon Rakhimov. In turn, they took the photo of the statuette and sent it for experiment.

“The other day they called me and informed me that the ancient artefact found was a figurine of the beautiful Demeter, the wife of the god of the gods of Ancient Greece. Demeter was considered the goddess of fertility, the patroness of agriculture. As scientists have found out, the figurine belongs to 5-4 centuries BC, to the “Golden Age” of Greek civilization. It is likely that soldiers of Alexander brought it,” Karimdzhon Khamroev continues.

Now the figurine has been transferred to the museum of the comprehensive school№ 36 of Isfara town, the foundation of which turned 45 years old. During its work, the school museum participated in 7 national competitions. The museum also took second place at the All-Union competition held in Vladivostok. Now the museum has more than 3,000 exhibits.

“Unfortunately, today the museum is in a bad condition, and further preservation of the exhibits is at risk,” Karimdzhon Khamroev concluded.

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