Anisa Nasimzoda, a 13-year-old girl who fell under the heat wheel on August of current year, is now with her family and is able go for a walk.

The «Rushdi Tojikiston» Public Fund purchased an automatic wheelchair for a resident of Buston Anisa Nasimzoda. About thiswas announced on Facebook the member of the fund Tahmina Bobokhonova.

“On August, we were all shocked by the news of the girl Anis, who had fallen under the train. We express our gratitude to you that you helped as and we could support the family and paid for a skin transplant. Today Anisochka is already at home, with her family and friends. Teachers come to her home and her classmates are also visiting her. Ahead is a long rehabilitation … Today we pleased Anisochka with a sidecar with automatic control. She can now go for a walk,” writes Takhmina Bobokhonova.

She also notes that the fund sent a request to foreign clinics for the restoration of the hip joint, or rather prosthetics.

It should be noted that on August 28, 2019, an accident occurred at a railway crossing located in the centre of the city of Buston, Sughd Region. A 13-year-old girl fell under a locomotive. The left side of her body got an injury.

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