Beekeepers of Sugd region intend to bring honey production to 3 thousand tons by 2021.

This was reported during a meeting of the chairman of the Sugd region, Rajabboy Ahmadzod, with the head of the “Myodoved” company of the Russian Federation Dmitry Dyldin.

As the press service of the head of the region, during the meeting, the parties discussed the prospects for the development of beekeeping and honey production, as well as honey export to Russia.

“Currently, there are 70 thousand bee families in the region. The honey produced in Sugd is considered an environmentally friendly product, the raw material for which is taken from the flowers of apricot, cotton, sunflower and other entomophiles plants”, said Rajabboy Ahmadzoda.

In turn, Dmitry Dyldin expressed his readiness for further cooperation. In particular, he said that the “Myodoved” company will help beekeepers of Sugd region enter the Russian market.

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