In some areas of the Sughd region, cases of illegal extraction and transportation of natural gravel and sand have become more frequent.

On 6th October 2018, Sugd region’s inspectors of the Department of Environmental Protection conducted an operational raid on the territory of Spitamen district. According to the aforementioned agency, several facts of illegal extraction and transportation of gravel and sand were recorded.

“During the operation, the fact of illegal extraction and transportation of natural sand by Kh. Vaydulloev, the citizen of Gulkhon jamoat, Jabborrasulovsky region, was revealed. He illegally exported sand from the Aksu River of Spitamen region. on relation to this man, a protocol was created under Article 238 of the Code of Administrative Offenses the Republic of Tatarstan, the source said. – All the necessary documents have been submitted for further consideration to the environmental department of Spitamensky district.”

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