The man had no money, and he offered the driver of the Maxim service an alternative payment option.

The trip took the place on September. The man ordered a taxi to Gonchi (Devashtich – IA SN) and he had to pay 115 somoni. When the driver arrived, it turned out that the client did not have the necessary amount. The passenger turned to the neighbors to borrow money, but he was refused. Then the man offered the driver to pick up the calf, which he kept in the stall, as payment, announces “Maxim”s press service.

– I have my own small farm, so this option is quite arranged. We perfectly delivered the calf in the trunk. There was enough space for it. Later I came back to that passenger and gave him part of the money: after all, a calf costs 3 times more than a taxi ride”, said the driver Mamadzhon.

Also, the taxi driver admitted that for the first year of working with the Maxim service, he had such revenue for the first time. According to him, the inventiveness of the passenger helped to get out of the situation.

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