In order to make land improvement better and elimination the consequences of catastrophes in Panjakent, from regional budget was separated 570 thousand somoni.

Four years before for executive body of state authority of Panjakent was separated 1million and 410 thousand somoni from regional budget in order to make better the land improvement and elimination the consequences of natural catastrophes. About this announces press service of Sugd region officer.

According to the official date during this time for building, restoration, and reconstruction of different objects of town’s national economy from regional budget was separated 24 million and 525 thousand somoni. These amounts were spent on building the central hospital, Loiq Sherali complex, for shore protection works on Zarafshon River, reconstruction of central stadium, rebuilding the “Sarazm” hotel and the objects of old Sarazm museum, reconstruction of residential houses and the construction of extra building for 240 pupils of comprehensive secondary school #49 in Nofin village and as well for purchasing building materials for the town citizens.

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