At 5th September 2019 was past joint tactical exercise of military garrisons and area defense zone #3 of Sugds region.

The tactical exercises were passed from 3rd to 5th September of current year in military firing ground “Chorrukhdarron” and “Nurafshon”. At the ceremony presented Sugd’s chairman Rajabboy Ahmadzoda and the minister of country defense,  Sherali Mirzo.

How the region chairman press service announces, the aim of these joint tactical exercises is to improve ones structure of Sugd’s garrison, coordination the activity  of national military structure for the probable threat, inspection of threat-of-war subdivisions, to growth the combat spirit, to mobilize the militaries to pass the combat operation in different situations. In tactical exercises were used parts and subdivisions of Sugd’s military garrisons force structure, different kind of small arms, military aviation, military reserve and automobile technics and as well artillery.

At the end of the ceremony the military minister of Tajikistan Sherali Mirzo presented military ranks for officers and for participators presented memorable gifts.

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