The husband of Nargiza Hakimova was busy with repairing shoes in Khojai A’lo village, Isfara town. After his death this work was continued by his wife.

According to Nargiza, her husband Husayn Hakimov, was killed during the border conflict happened on May, current year.

Nargiza remained with her three children alone. One of them is a student at Khujand State University and the two one are going to be married.

“When I got married, each member of my husband was busy with repairing shoes. Looking their work I could learn how to do it by myself – she says. Today by this way I am earning for my life. My handicraft supports me in each situation”.

There is no any master for shoes repair in Khojai A’lo village. Nargiza is an only master in the village who is busy with it. She is going to open masterly and teach her students this profession.

“The mayor of Isfara town, after when my husband was died, promised to help me on opening my mastery and to buy the equipment for repairing shoes”- says Nargiza with the hope.

Now, Nargiza does all the process by hand. She says that to repair shoes by hands is so difficult but as she need to feed and grow her children she have to do it.

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