Tajik mass media representatives of Dushanbe town introduced with the work of big industrial business construction group CC “Talko Gold”.

As NIAT “Khovar” announces, Press-Tour looked and walked around the CC “Talko Gold” area which is situated in Ayni region, Sugd region.

“The Closed Corporation “Talko gold” is built on the ground of ore place Konchoch. This ore consist of three lots- Chulobi, Konchon, and Shahkon. In Konchon calculated the reserves of five chemical elements, such as: 50 tons of gold, 265 thousand tons of antimony, 59 ,4 tons silver, 1197 ,1 tons mercury and 76659 tons fluorite”. They are put on government balance. This construction business started its work in 2018 and has to finish the process by the end of 2019 and by the beginning of 2020 the product should be launched. Till today was digging seven kilometer of mine in order to receive the gold, antimony and other type of elements.

“Talko Gold” company is a 50% Chinese share company and China is responsible for realizing the construction of given business. The cost of the project estimates 200 million dollars. The gold, silver and antimony will be processed in Tajikistan, till final output which means till precious metal.

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