In the issue of using firearm by the citizens of Oksay village, Betken region, Kirghiz Republic during the conflict in the border territory, which was happened on 22nd July in the center of Vorukh Jamaat, Isfara town, Republic of Tajikistan, died the citizens of Vorukh jamaat, Qaraev Jalol, 1967 year of birth and who was a teacher of school #23.

Moreover 4 local people got serious injury. When they threw the stone to the side of Vorukh citizens, other people from this village got deep wound and they were delivered to the hospital.  The conflict happened at the moment when Tajik citizens settled the flags and decorated the area because of president visit and the citizens of Kirghizia prohibited them to do all this things, while they by themselves illegally dig the road (more than 45km/h) setting there own national flag and the inscription with “Oksay”. Finally the argument was brought to the fight where neighbors used firearms.

The chairmen of Sugd region Rajabboy Ahmadzoda, the chairmen of Isfara town Salomzoda Sijouddin, the heards of the low-enforcement agency are in the crime scene from 22nd July till now. They are taking measures in accordance to the conflict.

According to given information, the victim of the incident was the citizen of Tajikistan, Vorykh village, Qaraev Jalol whose year of birth 1967 and was the teacher of the secondary school #23.  Four local people- Teshaev Mahlub 1976 year of birth, Shomirsaidov Rasul 1977 year of birth, Bobomaliev Aminjon1977 year of birth, and Juraev Abdumubin, got serious injury and were hospitalized in surgical department in Vorukh village hospital.

The central hospital health specialists with the direction of head doctor Taibiddin Muhammedov, are carrying out the operation and giving their medical aid for sufferers.

However, the Isfara-Vorukh highway is still closed from 5pm of 22nd July and even the emergency cars which have to transfer the patients from Vorukh hospital to the central hospital of Isfara town have no any chance.

The current event happened in advance of meeting the heads of two neighbor countries in Isfara town witnesses that certain Kirghiz groups do not support the peace and tranquility in the border territory and every time fall back to provocations.

At the moment there are official representatives of border agency of Tajikistan and Kirghizia’s and other appropriate authority of two countries on occurrence location.

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