Yesterday, on 22nd July at about 17:00 according to the local time, in Kirghiz- Tajik border, happened the next conflict between Tajiks and Kirghizia’s because of crossing the Vorukh jamaat (Tajikistan) and Aksay (Kirghizia) village’s junction. This information was given by SNSC Tajikistan.

Tajik people got preparation for president visit and decided to set the national flag straight on a border line in honor of meeting the president of Tajikistan. This displeased the Kirghiz citizens. In spite of setting the flags two meter deep into territory of Tajikistan, this incident degenerated into a fight, where participated approximately 100 people from both side. After some minute the sides started to throw stones to each other. Unknown people from Kirghiz side opened the fire to the side of Vorukh citizens. In the issue one person was killed and the five more got missile wound. As well 11 people got different type of injury. The person who was killed there was the 52 years old man from Vorukh jamaat, Jaloliddin Karaev. Inside the injured people was the policeman, Abdurasul Shomirsaidov, the son of the famous specialist on water economy Abdusamad Shomirsaidov who was busy for years with his colleagues from Kirghizia with the watershed issues and the pool of Isfarinka Lake.

The Kirghiz press is giving an information about its 8 injured citizens and points that 3 of them are the citizens of Aksay , the rest are the authority bodies. All of them were delivered to Batken’s provincial hospital.

The Kirghiz and Tajik representatives of the border services are taking measures in accordance to such situation. In the place of incident works the representatives of low enforcement agencies and local authority of both countries.

Tajik analysts points that the conflict might be the simple provocation from the side of “third power”, which do not have interest on the agreement between two nations about territory issue. The main cause of the presidents meeting is this question which will be hold in the nearly days in Ifara.

The preparation for Tajik president Emomali Rahmonov’s visit witnesses that the head of the country is going to visit Vorukh jamaat but because of the situation it might not happen and still is under the question.

                                                                                               Nematullo Mirsaidov

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