Incidents are becoming more frequent in Tajik-Kirghiz border. There is no a doubt that  exist the powers who are interested on fomentation of a serious conflict.

it seems that for solving the problems community representatives are not applying to the government, however they chose the radical track, and are trying to solve them by themselves do not thinking about the consequences of their behavior. It is like that someone pushes them to do it. Sometimes people hear the bad words in theirs addresses which is absolutely intolerant.  It makes the situation worst what definitely want enemies.

It is very dangerous when the government does not have the authority, and its own citizens do not obey its rules. More conflicts are happening because of this or the lack of ability solving the problems on time. Sometimes creates the impression that with the order of “Activists” even are used the smallest reason in order to make from it big problem.

Day to day we convince more and more that the question of demarcation and delimitation of the border areas have to be solved. If they are not able to solve it, let the international experts to work on it. It is impossible to delay it any more. It might be late. It is clear that without mutual concessions is impossible to move any more.

It is known that the majority territory of post-Soviet countries remain as a geopolitical zones, including the post-Soviet territory in Central Asia. Many things are concerning about the political, economical, and military dependence of the republic. If there is a peace and stability in Russia, it should have an influence on their partners as it has a great influence. It is better to call the allies to maintain justice in the disputed areas, and to discover the important historical documents, rather than every time thinks about how to construct military base, how to sell the old weapons, which can be definitely used during the conflicts.

Today, due to intelligence and the strong position of Tajikistan and Kirghizia’s leaders, the willing and the efforts of the brasses the situation is still under control. Those who undertake the force in order to solve the problems, they ask the radicals to help them and they do not stay in the firing line by themselves. They as well do not think of the consequences when might flash the interethnic serious conflict.

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