For the National Unity Day in two villages, Arsovit and Andardvasht the Ivan-Tojik jamaat, Gornomaschin’s region was reached out water supply line, which provides drinking water for more than 250 people.

This project was realized with the support of Aga Khan Fund in Tajikistan. The amount contained more than 445 thousand somoni. From the main channel was used 3,8 km of pipe, overall.

The chairman of the region Muhammad Rajabzoda, during the opening ceremony of the project noted that with the support of international organizations in four villages of Ivan-Tojik jamaat was passed water line which provided more then 2000 citizens pure water. Before this, 20 per cent citizens of these villages did not have an access to drinking water.

It is important to note that Arsovit village is one of the furthest village of Gornomasch’s region, and it is situated at a height of more than 1600 meter from the sea level. In this village live 13 families. People are mainly busy with the animal husbandry and agriculture.

The chairman of this village, Vali Valiev reported to “SN” correspondent that now people are able to use fresh water year-round. Till today people gained the water from channels. Moreover, they carried water from 500-1000 meter with the donkey. Such situation was difficult, especially in the winter period.

Within the “International decade water development for 2018-2028 years” project and “Program of accessing to drinking water in 2017 year”, more than 23 thousand of region’s populations got an access to drinking water. In spite of this, at the moment 30 villages or 19762 people do not have an access to pure drinking water. Till 2021 in Gornomaschin’s region with the local and foreign investors are planning to realize 8 projects concerning an access to drinking water.

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