The information agency “SUGDNEWS” was chosen one of the civil journalist network’s participants. The civil journalists’ project in Tajikistan launches the “INTERNEWS” together with local media.

Six Tajik publications in collaboration with “Internews” are planning to set up civil journalists’ network around the country. That’s why each edition needs to gather side members in different part of Tajikistan. They will be educated and after that prepare material for publication. This information was given by MEDIA.TJ  

The editions which are going to work on improvement of civil journalists’ network were chosen due to tender. The tender was announced on early February of current year.  The winners in this tender became media group “Asia-plus”, metropolitan publication “Vechyorka”, Sugd radio station “Payvand”, news agency “SugdNews”, “Diyor”- Sugd radio station, and also Kulyab newspaper “Paik”.

These six editions will start to gather stringers from different part of Tajikistan. The chosen candidates will be educated and after that they represent their stories, which happens all around the regions and are not known to anyone.  Civil journalists will receive honorarium for their work in editions.

In the capacity of a good civil journalist the editions just not look for people who have journalistic education or experience. Civil journalist can be those who care about society development and are ready to tell about interesting stories or give information about interesting people who live around them.

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