The highest salaries in Sugd are getting the specialists and workforces of mining sector.

As was announced to Headquarters Agency, due to the statistic under the President of Tajikistan in Sugd region, the lowest wages in March 2019 on real sector of the economy was paid to agricultural labors, forestry, and fishery. The average was 560, 81 somoni.

However, the highest salary was earned by mining operations- 2755,31 somoni, manufacturing industry- 2598,09 somoni, engineering- 1662,34 somoni, electricity provision, gas provision, vapor and conditioned air- 1586,68 sononi.

Overall, on real sector of economy, the average monthly earning came out 1885,16 somoni in March 2019 which is high at 23,6% from March 2018.

In service sectors the highest wages had the finance and insurance company warkforces-2769,47 somoni. Traffic sphere and storages of goods had 1607,09 somoni, and other services- 1595,07 somoni.

The overall average of service sectors put together 1030,68 somoni for March 2019 and in comparison with March 2018 it went up 11,7%.

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