The Chinese company “Neusoft Medical Corporation” can give its equipment for Sugd medical institutions in a lease without per sent.

Yesterday, on 30th May 2019 the chairman of Sugd region, Rajabboy Ahmadzoda met the ambassadors of this Chinese company because of medical equipment issue.

According to Sugd’s chairman press service, during the negotiation with their group leader, Kuiin Shanom, was mentioned about the achievements and innovation in medical sphere. Rajabboy Ahmadzoda said that the government is taking big responsibility and paying attention at medical centers and providing them new equipments.

Moreover, there was given an information about Chinese company “Neusoft Medical Corporation” which can lease the medical equipment without any per sent for Sugd region.

The Chinese company “Neusoft Medical Corporation” is producing medical equipment. It was set up in 1998 in Shenyang, China.  Nowadays, this company has agencies in USA, United Arab Emirates, Peru, Vietnam, Brazil, and Russia. The company is produces magneto-electric tomography (MET), computer tomography (CT), digital tomography, roentgen devices, electrocardiogram, and ultrasonic scanning devices.

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